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How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Is your fridge full of items you have no plans to eat or drink? Do things get stuck in the back and go virtually unnoticed? Do you buy things you

How to Make a Space Look NEAT

If you have ever organized a space and been underwhelmed with the look of the finished product that may be because there is a difference between being organized and being

Cut the Clutter Found in Most Homes

After visiting a few hundred homes to help my clients get organized I have noticed that some categories of items are a problem for almost everyone. The first items on

How to Organize Your Jewelry

If your jewelry area looks like a hot mess you are not alone because that is the case for many of my clients.  I love accessories more than anything else

How to Organize a Garage Sale

Fall is a great time for a garage sale because the weather is cooling off and the holidays are around the corner so shoppers are on the lookout for potential

Organizing for Kids

Organizing for kids is one of the most rewarding projects because I see the joy in a child’s face when all of their favorite toys are ready for play time

How to organize your bathroom

Although the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the home, it serves as a hub for personal hygiene and it is hard to make sure you are clean if

How to Organize Your Car

My car functions as a mobile storage unit because the Girl Scout in me likes to have everything I might need while out on the road for work and play.

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