03Aug 2015

My last article covered wide scale de-cluttering in anticipation of a move. Next it is time to prepare, box and label your belongings. Prepare: There are numerous ways to get your things from point A to B, so begin by researching your options to decide which will work best in your situation. If you hire professional movers ensure that you select a reputable business with […]

06Jul 2015

Moving is a big project with so many things to do that it is easy to get overwhelmed if you are not well organized. Luckily, I specialize in guiding my clients through the process of selecting what to keep and what not to keep. Here are a few suggestions for planning, de-cluttering and clearing a space in preparation for a smooth transition. Plan: […]

02Jun 2014

IF YOU LIKE MONEY AND DISLIKE CLUTTER, READ ON. Numerous Neat with Knight clients have hired me to coordinate and manage their yard sales over the years and that is how I have learned that most people are overwhelmed at the thought of having a sale and some even have an outright hatred for the […]