Great help! I would very much recommend her! Not only organized but a friendly person and very professional attitude.

Jen B. - Miami, FL

Tatiana is super fast - She comes like a Hurricane and before you know it she is done. She LOVES her job. She has reorganized my business storage area and closet at home, next is files, looking forward to see you! Worth every Penny!

Gustavo B. - Miami Beach, FL

Tatiana is wonderful! The first time I contacted her, was the first time I ever contacted a professional organizer. She replied instantly and was very polite and friendly. When the day came she did an amazing job! She organized my daughter’s room and now it's a place to enjoy. I had several attempts by myself before her, but none were enough (obviously) and that's when her talent kicked in. My daughter and I loved her personality and her work style. She made a great connection with my 6 year-old and that little one was so cooperative. On the second appointment Tatiana and Jennifer organized another room. Who would think a small room can store that much clutter?! I feel like a blocked vessel in my system has opened up….It feels wonderful. Thank you again.

Burcu E. - Miami, FL

The best investment a girl can make - I have worked with Tatiana on an array of projects from my garage, closets and office. She is always punctual, trust worthy, has a wonderful can do attitude and really dives in. Her work goes beyond simple organization, she actually finds ways to make sense of what's existing and how it could work better. Her service is so incredible my husband actually requested it as a birthday gift (that's what I call a win-win). Definitely 5+ stars.

Jacqualine M. - Palmetto Bay, FL

Tatiana is amazing!! We had a couple of years’ worth of boxes in a room that needed emptying. She worked quickly without making me feel rushed. Not an easy task since I have "trouble" getting rid of things. Don't be afraid to call her to help you accomplish those tasks you have been putting off!!

Md K. - Miami, FL

Fast, efficient, responsive and a delight to deal with - We used Tatiana long distance to move into a client's home in Boca Raton. She was organized to say the least.

Annette J. - Port Washington, NY

The end result was fantastic - Neat with Knight helped me clean and organize my garage. Tatiana was a great help, very professional and courteous

Bernice S. - Miami, FL

Tatiana is fantastic - We downsized and it was a feat of incredible discipline to get everything organized, packed up or sold or donated. We "curated" the house to keep the memories and beautiful furniture and art. Tatiana also went through all our old LP albums and our books with an APP that would pull up the current pricing. We then could make a decision to keep, sell or donate. It was difficult to go through all of this, but without Tatiana it would have been impossible. A great Organizer is worth her weight in gold.

AR M. - Miami, FL

Definitely recommend - Had my closet organized with Neat with Knight and very pleased with the result! Took a few hours but the end result was great. She gave some great tips to increase storage space but not diminish the aesthetic.

Johanna R. - Coral Gables, FL

Tatiana is Terrific - While I am not quite a hoarder, I do tend to accumulate things that I "just might need". With Tatiana's help I was able to sort through and weed out piles all over my apartment, but I never felt that she was pushing or demanding that I get rid of things. She's upbeat and delightful to work with. She'll face a closet or dresser that is overwhelming, and in moments it's sorted out and neat. When she was done I really felt that I had gotten "Neat with Knight"!

Ann L. - Miami, FL

Mission accomplished - Tatiana put her organizational skills to work in my girls' closet. My goal was to place both of my girls’ clothes in one closet so I can get rid of the wardrobe and have more space for them to play. Mission accomplished. Tati came in, measured the closet and had the Elfa team install their solutions. After the install she revisited the closet and made necessary adjustments. Her knowledge on the Elfa system and what is available at the container store is appreciated.

Ondi B. - Miami Beach, FL

Tatiana was the best - We were moving and we hired Neat with Knight to help us stage the house so as to sell it and start packing it up in the process. She helped us decide what and how to pack, and also staged the house beautifully and streamlined. In the end we got our money's worth because we got the best offer possible. In addition, Neat with Knight was there to help us unpack once in the new house which was great. Super professional, hard working, and efficient. There is no one else I would recommend more!

Matty Q. - Miami, FL

Tatiana is very nice and honest - Tatiana helped us design our closets and organized our house. She works fast and is great at organizing and making closets look fabulous. I would highly recommend her services.

Neema D. - Miami, FL

So grateful for Tatiana's services - Tatiana has helped me out on two separate occasions and I couldn't be happier. She's great at what she does and she's quick too so you can tell she really wants to help you and not take advantage of you or just take your money. I'm a naturally disorganized person but her recommendations help keep everything in order. I highly recommend her services.

Heidi S - Miami, FL

Working with Tatiana truly changed my life - I moved to Miami several months ago from Denver, CO and everything in my world turned upside down. I have my own business that I operate from our home and had to downsize to fit in a rental property. Tatiana came in and helped me pull my new office together in just two days. We worked long hours but it was so fun and she was so efficient. Months later I realized I needed help again and I called Tatiana. She fit me in quickly and after one morning of working with her, I felt so energized that I doubled the amount of work I was getting accomplished. She is back today a few weeks later and I am thrilled to be working with her again. I can't say enough about this professional organizer. You will get your money's worth in every way. She is efficient, fun and hard working. Call her!

Kate E. - Miami, FL

Results were way better than expected - Tatiana did an incredible job organizing our spare room that had been neglected & filled with papers, books, boxes and the misc we didn't know what to do with. She works fast and she brought assistant Mitzi so that we could get as much done as possible in one day. EVERYTHING in the room was organized and categorized, boxed & labeled. I was impressed with Tatiana's fast pace, quick thinking, and incredible stamina! She has a way of making things fun and not so overwhelming. Can't wait to hire Tatiana for phase 2 of our home organizing projects!

Christine J. - Miami, FL

She has an eye for organizing all kinds of spaces - Tatiana has changed my life for the better and was a true blessing to work together. The transformation to my son’s rooms was truly amazing. She even gave me great ideas with decorating their room to make it more functional. I love the organizing supplies she suggested. Would recommend her services to anyone.

Claudia C. - Cherry Hill, NJ

Professionalism and Detail to my needs - Thank You Tatiana for all your help organizing my new home. Your professionalism and detail to my needs made me feel so comfortable having you help bring my visions to reality. I will make sure to recommend you to all friends and family that need some help getting organized.

Ellen D. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tatiana is a life saver - If it was not for Tatiana, I would have never been able to go through everything in my mother's house after she passed away. Tatiana was very patient and understanding and I could have never done it on my own. Our next projects are setting up for a garage sale and organizing my own home.

Helen Y. - Miami, FL

Money well spent for sure - Tatiana and Jennifer helped me out so much to start unpacking! In 4 hours we were able to tackle the kid's playroom and the master bedroom. These were the two rooms I dreaded unpacking but needed the most and they really went to work and wasted no time!

Daryl H. - Baltimore, MD

Tatiana has a gift for organizing and decorating - We recently moved and realized how many things we've collected in our 30 year marriage. I knew I needed help so I was referred to Tatiana and it was a great decision. Tatiana and Jennifer left my kitchen looking organized and working better than when she arrived. She's fun to be with and leaves your house looking great. I highly recommend hiring Neat with Knight.

Gloria T. - Miami, FL

Tatiana is worth her weight in gold - Tatiana has made my 50 year closets look brand new! I'm beyond happy with the results. She is totally professional, never stopped organizing the whole time she was here, and the results were wonderful. I couldn't be happier with the makeover! She also organized my new office area and I can now find my files since she labeled and organized them. My new elfa laundry room looks amazing and it will be much easier to work my way around it now that I can see and find things. Tatiana thanks you are the best!

Geraldine W. - Miami, FL

Tatiana is super efficient - She has great ideas & will get you organized. I needed help with my office/guest room. In 3 days she turned it from a giant mess you couldn't walk through to a beautiful Office & Guest room! I would hire her again.

Lisa C. - Chicago, IL

Tatiana is amazing - She is easy to like and very quick to find solutions to the toughest organizational issues and my absolute favorite part is that she's economical in her price and her product ideas. It took her two hours to do our bedroom and it's so much more comfortable in there now. I can't thank her enough for all her help.

Mikki T. - Orlando, FL

Tatiana is a true professional - She is always on time, extremely hard working and, of course, ridiculously organized. We had her design new Elfa closet systems for our entire house and garage and they are spectacular! Additionally, we hire her multiple times per year to keep our house organized and tidy (she and Jennifer also do a fantastic job decorating for the holidays!). I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

A.B. - Miami, FL

Tatiana was a HUGE help - She helped to design our closets with the Container Store which made accommodating EVERYTHING, including our newest baby SO much easier. Tatiana successfully helped us to organize every inch of the baby's room, from his amazing new closet to his drawers to assembling the teepee I ordered to decorate his room. She was also a big help in organizing the other bedrooms and the playroom as well! We couldn't be happier with her services and would definitely recommend her to family and friends.

Barbara G. - Hialeah, FL

Tatiana was a lifesaver - My closet built-ins had collapsed after 15 years of use as a home office and a guest room. I had never seen anything like it! I already knew I wanted to replace the old built-ins with an Elfa closet which would be much sturdier and asked the Container Store to refer me to one of their professional organizers. They referred Tatiana. She designed the closet, worked with me to order all containers and necessary accessories, and on installation day, she came over and worked with me all day to put things in their rightful places. Now I love the new closet so much! Everything is so easy to see and right at my fingertips. I can't wait to hire Tatiana to help me with more projects. Also, kudos to Tatiana for staying upbeat during the entire process. What a motivator!

Diana K, - Miami, FL

Tatiana saved my sanity - It was such a pleasure to work with someone who genuinely went above and beyond to make sure we had the right things to organize projects in my house. She is not only professional, but polite, honest, and a pleasure to work with. I have two toddlers at home and my to-do list is always endless! Neat with Knight helped me check off things off my list. At our second appointment not only helped me order my closets but she knew exactly what I needed to make my closets flow. She came in and did my children's room and playroom to perfection. Tatiana gave me extra hours of life! Time is of the essence in my home and I truly don't know how I could have done this without losing my patience. Thank you Neat with Knight for creating a service that helps people become organized, happy, and most importantly saves time! Trust me this is more than worth it!!!!!!!

Giselle A. - Miami, FL

Tatiana is the consummate professional, understanding how to prioritize and giving well thought ideas to increase efficiency in one's office, home or work. A huge advantage is the "getting started" principle where her presence and expertise get one finally going on doing what most of us need: get organized! I feel my medical practice as well as Ortho Urgent Care business will benefit as a direct result.

Alejandro B. - Miami Beach

Neat with Knight is amazing and super fast! Tatiana comes in like a Hurricane and when you least realize it she is already done. She has reorganized my business storage area and my closet at home. Her services are worth every Penny!

Gustavo B. - Miami Beach